Cancel wrong Multiple Payment

How to cancel this wrong payment ( 21:14 Cash 1.00 ) ?

If youve installed the more ticket actions from samba market there is a cancel payments action you could use to create a cancel payment button

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is it correct or not?
if i delete Display Payment Screen, cancel payment after i press close or x.

If your using the payment screen to make the payments i would remove the display payment screen action (unless thats being usedto refresh the payment screen after cancelling payments??) and map the button to the payment screen but that looks right to me

You coud probably add constraints to just cancel last payment made, or just cash payments or just card payments or a button to cancel all payments so you could play with that if you need them after youve got the basoc button working :slight_smile:

Please, give me example about constraint cancel last payment, or just cash payment

Maybe you should just enable payment confirmations.

I don’t think we can cancel only last one. There is no option for Action. I think maybe a good idea to have an option to cancel last payment only. So, we don’t have to do it all over again in case of splitting payments

Can we Block Cancel Payment and Discount after Paid Ticket, when it still at display payment screen
It happen,
Ticket Amount : 35,000.00
Pay Amount : 50,000.00
after that display payment screen
Change Due : 15,000.00

if i not click close button, i can click cancel payment and Discount the ticket

Not sure I understand what your asking. Once a payment is made at Payment Screen you cant reverse it.

After Payment :

After Cancel Payment

Cancel Payment is ( A Command Button) to cancel multi payment
Discount is (A Command Button) with admin pin confirmation
still not disabled after paid.
How to disabled it.

Add a constraint to button rule to check if ticket is paid. Like…

{TICKET STATE:Status}      Not Equals       Paid

Still can’t disabled

It won’t appear as disabled but won’t work when clicked.

I Have tried, but still work when cliked.

How about {REMAINING TOTAL} greater 0
or just auto close ticket when remaining total is 0

Solved, it’s work :grinning:

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Which one? You may post it. It may be useful for others.

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