Cancelling setttled tickets

Is it possible to cancel a ticket completely in samba pos. Right now i am reopening the tickets and voiding the items one by one. Is there a way to cancel a ticket completely.

You cant cancel a submitted ticket. You have to void all items. Cancel only works on nonsubmitted tickets.

OK Kendash. Thankyou

We may be able to automate void of all orders at once. Ive not looked into it. When I get time ill look at that for you.

Sure kendash. It will be a great help if u could do that. Thankyou

Should be fairly straight forward, selecting submitted orders and either hooking into the void rule or replicating.

Sometimes in take away orders, after settling the bill, the cusomers will change their mind and cancel the order… So i thought of reopening the bill and voiding the ticket , instead of voiding each item in that ticket.

You would typically refund the item they want to cancel.

In those cases is the food made already?

Ok Jtr, let me check that method.