Cannot activate licence


I bought the SambaPOS PRO V5 license.

I try to activate SambaPOS but I silently fail to login.

(I triple checked my pw)


Is my User Name what I enter when subsribing : Surname Lastname ?

I think your login credential is for

Normally I goto sambamarket to clear license when I have problem activating license.

Thanks but I don’t have problem to activate the licence (yet).

I just cannot login with my user name which is, eg., John Doe.

(now for me username containing space is weird … but there was no other information I had to fill in)

I also try with my email, no luck.


What have I done ?
What have I paid ?
What is SambaStore?
What is SambaMarket?

I am lost between:

How to void the payment ???

Help @emre

They will help you resolve this don’t worry.
@Tayfun I think oversees the website and payments.

Thanks @JTRTech

@plume Hello, you can send me email to or about your problem.

Your activation details were sent to your email. You can visit the link below for activation details:

You can login customer portal from, please click Login button and login with your registered email and license password which sent to your email. Your username is your license email for V5 activation.

Thank you Tayfun, I’ll send you an email.


Tayfun solved it.