Cannot have @ in account name

As the title suggests, it doesn’t seem to be possible to have account names containing an @ symbol. Although the account mainly works as expected, when trying to navigate to the account using a Navigate Module action the user is actually taken to the main accounts overview, rather than the specific account I wanted to show.

This is dangerous because I don’t want all my users being able to see all accounts. Clearly I can change the naming of my accounts to use the name instead of email address, but even if I do so, if an operator created a new customer with an @ randomly in their name and then used some form of automation that I had created with a good intention, they will find themselves with access to all accounts…

At what point do you evaluate your use of email address as entity name :stuck_out_tongue:

I would rather just use a randomly created customer ID and allow my team to specify name and email address as customer fields… but I have asked that before I just shot-down.

Therefore email address is good enough as a unique ID, so I decided to use that for the customer name.

The real danger here is that if you have a customer account naming template containing something like [NAME] and the operator drops an @ in their (maliciously or by accident) then they can gain full access to the accounts screens.

Understand that bit, that is a bit of a glitch.

Not sure about shot down, pretty sure I offered you a sugestion… If you create new entities using automation and [?prompts] like in my room booking setup which creates a booking entity rather than guest entity and it auto populates the entity name with a booking number generated using date and a random suffix.

Here was the topic where I showed my setup;

No, I wasn’t referring to that thread, I was referring to this one…

In terms of using the prompts… I really want to keep things as close to the core functionality as I can, although at this point I have made so many changes I maybe should just go with your custom entity creation method.

I think you ask to use Name as primary field and can be the same Name. Most of us suggest phone number but you doesn’t like it.

That is the way to go. Unique ID as primary field. Just create global program setting to store last ID.

EDIT: Hmm… maybe not that easy we can’t use {SETTING:} in the field.