Cannot open Tables

Hello I have updated Samba POS from 5.34 to 5.36 and since then when I am opening new table adding products and when closing getting error:

Ticket Changed. Your lates changes not saved.

Then it prints order to kitchen and when I open table again order is not there.

What could it be?

Typically that happens if you open same ticket in two different terminals and make a change. Either physically or via automation.

How to resolve this error issue? Where to look into and what to change?

Hello @Bhuwan,

The issue was caused by a print job which was tried to be used even though it does not exist in the database.

In the Ticket Closing Rule, you included an action (Execute Print Task action) which is using Execute Print Task print job, however that print job is deleted or not created in this system.

When I removed the Execute Print Task print job action from the Ticket Closing rule, the problem was solved.

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