Can't buy Metrix fail payment

Hi guys, I try to buy a Metrik basic for one of my customer and for tree time the payment return fail.
Do you have some issue with your merchant account? Need to buy this today Thanks

Mr. @Tayfun can help…

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Thanks @Banned

@Roy_Veitia Please check your DM

Thanks for your help. just one question. Can you tell me what is DM? thanks

Direct Message, check your samba inbox in the top right corner and you have a private message

No have any private message I already send a QR code and email to the samba support because look like this procedure is not automatic yet

I send the info to samba support few hours a go but not have any answer yet. The app is already paid and my customer ask what happen I don’t know what I have to do next.

Did you assign the license to the customers account? What is the customers business name in SambaPOS CP? What is your reseller name I can look it up.

The reseller name is Doctor PC Solution Inc. and the account is and yes is assign to this customer account

Roy I am showing that there is no metrik license assigned to that customer.

Would you be referring to the Barbershop? That one I show both licenses… I will remove the demo license. You can try clearing keys.

EDIT I removed the demo license so it should work now. Can you try it and let me know.

Also I see you are in the USA. We have organized the business in the USA are you looking to resell SambaPOS in the USA?

I already re-sale the samba here in miami.

I send my application long time ago; but they said that I have to buy 10 licenses to be a re-seller and for now can’t afford

Reselling in USA is being organized please message me and we can talk about it. I am leading USA operations. if you prefer email.

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