Cant display this ticket

@Jesse Is the popup message Cant display this ticket specific to your setup or the Sambapos default setup?

thats not mine :stuck_out_tongue:when did you get that popup?

When i logged in with a normal user and tried to open a ticket that had been created by the Admin user. The Ticket loaded but the message prevented access to sambapos, had to kill sambapos process through windows Task manager.

That just means that user does not have permission to display other users tickets… that’s in Roles settings. Go to that role and find ticket permissions… and check the Can display other waiters tickets box

The problem i encountered:

I accidentally had some tickets completely processed via the admin account, how can i change those tickets to the rightful user?

Allow that user the ability to open the ticket… and then just reopen closed ticket… cancel payment and resettle with same payment.

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