Can't End Work Period with Preorder Ticket

I think it broken in v59-60. I used it once a while. I just notice last month but forgot to report.
I now have to void pre order ticket in order to close the work period.

Is it just me or what? Anyone using Preorder Ticket can firm this please?

you cant end a work period if any tickets are open.

I cannot confirm this behavior.

I created another department and ticket type, marked as PreOrder.

Selected the department, added an order, clicked close.

End Workperiod without issue.

@sukasem, are you using the default Workperiod screen? Or a custom setup?


I use default work period. @QMcKay thank for confirming.

Maybe check your Ticket Explorer to confirm that the ticket in question is in fact a Pre order Ticket?

I think this is issue.

Action is Undefined (not active I guess) and I can’t open/edit it. AC Change Ticket Properties is the one I use to mark ticket is preorder.

Create a backup and try running Settings > Program Settings > maintenance > upgrade old rules.


Ran Upgrade Old Rules -> 0 Rule upgrade.
I have to manually recreate Action and it is working again.

EDIT: But still no idea why Undefined action happen.

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It explained here and seems like maintenance implemented for .61.