Can't merge tickets

i can’t merge 2 tickets

both have same calculation :
discount 15% and service 12%

This might be the answer why:

have same calculation on all tickets . but still can’t merge

I have 10% discount and 5% tax and they merged just fine.
Post screenshot of both tickets.

it worked fine before i add the scalculation service . now after i can’t merge

any idea what happened ?

it only merge if i have only 1 calculation not 2 , but in my case i have 2 ( 1st discount and 2nd is service ) any solution ?

It will work fine on next update.

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@emre can u add mapping for calculations . like if i want to do 12% service but not for all items like tax
template . i can map tax to some products not all ??

No. Calculations are ticket based. If you need order based calculations you need to implement a custom solution with order tags. You can refer to custom discount tutorials for that.