Cant print reports

Hello everyone!

One of my clients have an issue with printing reports. Strangely enough, tickets, bills, logos and everything else print perfectly. I also made sure everything in Device and settings regarding this printer is as usual and nothing stands out.

However, when I select Work Period Report and click Print, it freezes for a bit and it opens up window asking me to choose which printer I want to use. I select the POS printer for bills and prints out this. I must note that no other setup asks which printer to use when clicking on Print.

This is how the report looks like printed. More than half of it is printing.

  • I made sure that this Ticket Printer is selected in the Terminal settings.
  • I selected this Ticket Printer as default printer hoping that it will stop popup window. (no luck)
  • I removed printer drivers, restarted the server and installed it again and no luck.

Does anyone know what else I can try to fix this bug?

Thanks for the reply @gsreddy but that doesnt fix the problem. Now it seems to print 2 pages instead of 1. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ended up deleting all the reports and Rebuild them in the Maintenance section. Works now.