Cas pdii or cas er plus scales

Has anyone managed to integrate this scale with Samba Pos 5, Today i tried with CAS ER plus but i didn’t manage to get any input on Samba pos but on Putty i could get continuous data ie S00405 tried to change the scales protocol and i got another output of S 00405 thats in grams.

I think you need to set to be single weight ‘pulse’ rather than samba setup to listen on com port for signal saying this is x weight rather than continuously receiving a live and fluctuating value.

I had a similar trouble with a national scale brand, the weight was sent to putty when you press k, i didnt manage to make it work in sambapos

Okay guys i had to do some research here and there. I wasnt at site and didnt have the scale and my laptop didnt have the com port so i got myself some software.

  1. Com port Simulator (HHDVirtual Serial Ports Tools)
  2. Com Port Data Emulator & Traffic Generator
  3. Simple Data Logger
    I used it to capture the data and have it saved in csv format it helped me in solving the Matched Pattern
    I didn’t use the data logger with Samba POS. But with the help of the Emulator and Simulator i was able to get the weight on the Samba POS.

The pattern ignores flooding samba with repeated data of the same weight unless one changes the screen.

Now i am waiting for the scale we try and i am hoping we shall have a positive solution by today or tomorrow
CAS PD-II Can work with Samba Pos 5