Cash Drawer Not working

I have connected the cash drawer to the POS using the RC11 cable, my POS has a port labeled cash drawer.
I have followed all the tutorials and the cash drawer is not responding at payment. Can anyone help me and see if I’m doing something wrong?
Please see the attached screen shots.
It’s my first time with SambaPos and would appreciate any help I can get from members.

Thanks in advance.

your pictures dont load.

most tutorials would be based on cash drawer connected to the printer which is the case for the majority of setups, even those with cash drawer ports on terminal

Thanks for the reply, I uploaded the correct URL’s for the photos and even double checked them. I dont know why they are not loading.

Great, its working.
But it only works when i click the cash drawer command on the payment page, is it possible for it to work on the CASH command, without using the cash drawer command?

Yes, covered many times on forum;

Thanks for your advise, however the commands are slightly diffident on SambaPos V4, I’m working with V5. and clueless in SambaPos in general.
I tried searching the forum for the V5 tutorials without much success, this may sound a little silly, but any tutorials for V5? I have followed all the instructions in the KB for V5 without success.

please see the photos, I hope they load this time.
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Yer, you said button was already working and wanted to trigger open on cash payment.

Create a payment processed rule with that same print job as in tutorial I linked to, there is very little thats that different in v4 vs v5 on this front;