Cash shown in report does not match cash in account

Something a bit different but related.

I follow the Change in Local Currency thread to give the change in local currency when paid in $.
Everything works fine, as in the post, 2 payment transactions:

  • Payment Tansaction (Cash in $)
  • Change Transaction (Cash in local currency)

In Work Period Report I can see:


  • Sales = xxx
  • Discount = yyy

Total : 1000


  • Cash = xxx
  • Cash $ = yyy
  • CC = zzz

Total Income is not matching the sales: 1000 - all change transactions.

I wonder if it would not be “natural” to include the change transactions in the income report (under Cash or an additional line), as the real income has to take in account the changes we gave back.

I am not talking about paying a bill which cash-out money transactions, or what so ever, I am only talking about the change transactions, which affect the income.