Category Tags Order that Shows up on Ticket

So as im sure you guys remember my request of a modifiers button when I first joined the samba community. Well I never really found a solution that was a efficient and fast as my old pos but now I just thought of something that would be wayy better.

When you introduced the Category Tags I didnt think of this until right now. If you could make the Category Tags ONLY (so not order tags) show up in the ticket in the order that they were placed.

So you click 2 eggs
then egg doneness shows up lets say you want them over medium and you choose that but the customer is also odd and wants pickles on his eggs well now you can click the Category Tag on top named modify and go under the section veggies and click add veggie. Now the Add Veggie would have too stay under egg doneness as I continue to add tags but it does not.

Also keep in mind that the sorting would still have to occur for the order tags so the category tags would have to stick to the order tag that it was entered after. So say the waiter enters chooses egg doneness last and adds pickles through modifier, well now the egg doneness is going to sort to the top but also the add pickles needs to go up with it.

If you could fix this for me you would have fullfilled all my pos needs and solved all my original problems with way better solutions.

Heres a video showing my setup:

Notice how the add Pickles goes to the bottom, my request is that everything under the modify category tag will stay under where it is put and not sort. Ths will give the waitress power to make any mods desired without having to type any free tags or remember prices.

Thanks for your time, I hope you see this as usefull as I do and find the time to get it done. @emre

OK I understand what you need. You want modifiers for modifiers. Sorting items the way you want also won’t solve your issue as you’ll be able to use Add Picklet modifier once for whole order.

I’ll implement something that can be called as sub orders to create and operate menu, set, combo, dish, promotion packs,.. configurations easily. People uses rules to be able to handle it to a point but like we can see on your example egg, potato, toast, etc. should handled as sub orders of Two Egg order.

This is in our to do list. When you add two eggs SambaPOS will auto add egg, potato, toast, vb products to the ticket. They will appear as sub lines under Two Eggs order, you’ll be able to click on them, modify them individually like a regular order and also when you modify base product you’ll be able to modify sub product tags on the same screen. Also egg,potato may not appear as buttons on menu but you’ll configure them as products, you’ll be able to configure price for them or create recipes.

More comments or ideas about how people want to operate such feature might speed up development as it will give an idea about how we should handle modifiers, pricing, discounts, portion selection or similar order related operations for sub orders.

Maybe this is not what you expect however I’ve improved modifiers (order tagging) even more than needed. The need for configuring modifiers for modifiers makes me think the real needed feature is sub orders (I’m calling it as sub orders but we can name it as something else)

That is actually exactly how I would want it. That would be very exciting. Like I said when I first joined the community I can probably give you one of the most complicated menu that samba will ever need to handle. I work with my uncle whom owns the restaurant that has this menu and is also a very experienced cook there so he knows how he wants the flow to operate. Also not only is his menu complicated where people sub tags for other tags and whatnot but also they need to prepare this food fast which is difficult to do if you don’t have a good pos system.

I am very excited to see this come through. I will update this thread with his and my ideas put together although I already have in mind exactly how I would want your idea to operate for me.

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