Cctv integration with samba

Hello everybody

Today i want to implement cctv integration with samba and for this i need help from you guys. Anybody can come with ideas would be appreciated.
Here is my understanding, i have hik vision nvr that supports pos integration and it collects data through a port and ip.

So we starting from printing items through a print job with a template, now here m stuck from which printer we could print? Com printer or custom printer?
Now we know that hik vision gets data from ip that would be pos ip and a port. So how we could print a job on pos ip and port?

You would need to find the documentation, either it’s propiatory and it queries the epos or it allows epos to send it data which would be a print type setup like you suggest.
If it’s a print type setup I would be surprised you would need to tell it the epos details as it would be a case of telling the epos the details of the CCTV and then sending it over in a format cctc recognises.
Either way it is unlikely to be something you just enter details and go given samba is not really a well known system like icr for example.
You need to find some documentation for it then we can help.
Also your screenshot doesn’t give allot away other than it asking for epos details.
Even seeing the options in that drop-down you have cut off could give more of a hint

POS_Solution_EN.pdf (2.3 MB)

Doesn’t give any info on what it wants from epos but looks like it is expecting epos to sent info to it.
You could try setting up a printer on samba using generic text driver to ip and port of cctv.
Couldn’t see a screenshot of what the intergration does, just screenshots of tills.

Yeah not much configuration can get online but its not impossible tha way its looking. But if we configure a pole diplay and connect the serial port to dvr or nvr then might be it would work?
Check this video:

And the second option is if we would be able to send data from pos to dvr through a port via tcp/ip.