Center logo on main screen

On the first screen where you can log in, I changed the logo.png and all that works great, however its not centered between the left and the number pad. The logo is more to the left.
How can I center this? I am familiar with html but do not see a file that has logo.png within it.

You can’t the image position is hard coded. A while back I commented on this and also suggested maybe we could choose where the logo goes

As my logo is rectangular it’s look better if the keypad was in the middle of the screen with my logo above at the top

@VehbiEmiroglu is there anything that can be done to change position of main login screen logo?

If nothing else add transparent space to side of image to adjust for this offset.
I expect it looks to the left with the two parts of the screen split and image centred within its section giving extra space in middle where each is padded from a centre point ie the keypad has its own padding.

That looks like what I will have to do.

I just did trial and error and tried a few different sizes of image until I was happy with the results. Because the SambaPOS screen is responsive and will change size depending on the resolution of the screen, there isn’t a set size to use for the logo.

This logo is 434x466.

On 1024x768 resolution:

On 1080p (1920×1080) resolution:

Another example, this logo is 400x200.

On 1024x768 resolution:


How you did it Sir?
Thank you.

There is no need to splatter forum with same question. Answered on another topic.