Certain order tags always missing in SambaPOS for GloriaFood orders

Strange bug I just encountered is that an order tag would always be missing on SambaPOS and printed tickets only for GloriaFood orders. I tried re-fetching the menu, deleting/re-adding the order tags in GloriaFood, and retrying the “Add Missing Categories” button in SambaPOS without luck. You guys have any tips? Thank you.

Did you setup the default order tag? Can you show a screenshot of what you mean

This only happens for this specific order tag: Spicy Salmon (there may be others I have not found yet). I’m not sure what you mean by default order tag, I do have the same order tag already added in SambaPOS for walk in orders.

Show your printer template.

I think it may not be a template issue because the specific order tag does not show up in the SambaPOS ticket screen either.

-- General layout
<div style="font-size:15px;text-align:right">{TIME} {DATE}</div>

<div style="font-size:15px;text-align:left;font-family:'Calibri'">

<div style="margin:5 0 0 0;padding:0 0 0 0;border:3 0 0 0;border-color:black">

<div style="font-size:20px;font-weight:bold;text-align:center;font-family:'Calibri'">- ONLINE PICKUP -</div>

<div style="font-size:25px;font-weight:bold;text-align:center;font-family:'Calibri'">ORDER # {TICKET TAG: OrderNo} - {TICKET NO}</div>
<div style="font-size:15px;text-align:left;font-family:'Calibri'">Poke Bar Note:{NOTE}</div>

<div style="margin:5 0 0 0;padding:0 0 0 0;border:2 0 0 0;border-color:black">

<div style="margin:0 0 5 0"></div>

</div&gt;<table width=200>

<div style="font-weight:bold;margin:0 0 5 0;padding:5 0 5 0;border:1 0 1 0;border-color:black">

<td width="14*" align=right>Total Gift</td><td width="6*" align=right>-{ORDER STATE TOTAL:Gift}</td>

<span style="font-size: 7pt">{USER NAME} TNO{TICKET NO} TID{TICKET ID} via {:CURRENTTERMINAL}</span>

<td width="14*" align=right>{CALCULATION NAME} %{CALCULATION AMOUNT}</td>
<td width="6*" align=right>{CALCULATION TOTAL}</td>
<td width="14*" align=right>{CALCULATION NAME}</td>
<td width="6*" align=right>{CALCULATION TOTAL}</td>
-- Default format for orders
<td width="40" align=left><span style="font-size: 12pt">{QUANTITY} x</span></td>
<td width="250" align=left><span style="font-size: 20pt">{NAME}</span></td></tr>

<td colspan=3>

<span style="font-size: 15pt">{ORDER TAGS}</span>
-- Format for gifted orders
<td width="2*" align=right>{QUANTITY} </td>
<td width="14*">{NAME} (Gift) </td>
<td width="4*" align=right>{TOTAL AMOUNT}</td>
<td colspan=3>
-- Nothing will print for void lines
-- Format for order tags
<div style="padding:0 0 0 40">* [={ORDER TAG QUANTITY}>1?'{ORDER TAG QUANTITY} X ':'']{ORDER TAG LABEL} [({ORDER TAG TOTAL PRICE})]<br>{ORDER TAG NOTE}</div>
-- Table entity format
<div>Table: {ENTITY NAME}</div>
-- Customer entity format
<div>Customer: {ENTITY NAME} <br>{ENTITY DATA:Phone}</div>

Can you show that order tag?

Left receipt is GloriaFood’s template, right side is SambaPOS template. Spicy Salmon was ordered twice on the GloriaFood template but they are both missing on SambaPOS:

The “Spicy Salmon” order tag is missing in the SambaPOS ticket screen:


I mean in the order tags setup.




Try naming your group the same as in Gloriafood.

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Thank you @Jesse, that fixed it. Although strange that only the Spicy Salmon order tag would not sync with SambaPOS prior to this fix.