Change color in Task template based on PRODUCT TAG

I would like to change color of orders on my kitchen display (Task Editor based) based on the product tag.
I set a product tag for each product called Kitchen Group. I would like to show soups in red. Here is what I tried for test purposes - I wanted it just to add the word “Soup” or “NonSoup” based on the condition:

The condition does not work at all - it only prints the {NAME} without the Soup/NonSoup prefix no matter whether the condition is met or not.
Here is how I set the product tag:

It works elsewhere (e.g. it sorts the orders based on the product tag)

What am I missing?

Thank you,

I’ll reply to myself:

{ITEM TAG:Kitchen Group} is what I was looking for.

To make soups red on KD this works for me:
[=('{ITEM TAG:Kitchen Group}'=='Soup' ? '<color red>' : '<color black>')] {QUANTITY} x {PRODUCT NAME}</color>

Dont know why I have to use ITEM TAG instead of PRODUCT TAG though…