Change customer on paid ticket

Hi SambaPOS community,

I would like to change the customer assigned to a paid ticket and save it. For now I managed to show the new customer data (retrieved through a customer search screen) on the ticket view but this doesn’t save the data so when I display the ticket again it shows the old customer. What action do i need to launch to resave the ticket with the new customer data? Does the ticket needs to be re-opened? To avoid putting a save button on the ticket view is there a trick to save the ticket when I click on the ‘select customer’ button in the customer search screen (optional) ? Thanks!

You need to use the Change Ticket Entity action and change it to the updated Entity.

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You probably need to use the Reopen Ticket Action, and possibly Cancel Payments Action first.

Then change the Entity and Close/Re-Settle it.

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I added a button on the ticket view that lauches the following action :

. the data is not saved. Is my configuration correct?

That is the idea. But the Ticket is marked as closed (Settled), so you can’t change anything on the Ticket unless you first reopen it as I mentioned.


got it working reopening the ticket first, updating the ticket customer and then closing the ticket again. Thanks a lot kendash and QMcKay.

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