Change Database Connection - Log Out?

Just found this awesome Action…

There was me manually changing the SambaSettings file every time…

Anyway, its all set up working but if I add a logout user action after the database connection it crashes?

Is this because it changes the string and the action is no longer visible?

Is there a way to make it go out when the string is changed?


You must create the automation on all databases you plan to switch between

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Makes sense.

Can it be hidden though? It doesn’t have to be visible right?

What do you mean? Im not sure what you mean by that. Use an execute automation command action and a separate rule for user logout.

Im planning on using this so that when I go to client POS, i can just click the button to switch to their database.

If I made the same automation on the client POS can it be mapped so that the automation command cannot be visible?

Think this sounds like a rookie question… :frowning:

Yes you can make it invisible until you need it. What I did was create a specific user for it. When that user logs in it switches, no button needed.


i like that idea… :smiley:

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This is awesome, loads of time saved!


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I set connection string to database on server. My server crash now i need to change connection string but sambapos not starting say this…

On your server make an additional button to connect back

server not working. i need to start samba and change connection string or other way to change connection string to change connection string without starting samba

its in the SambaSettings.txt file which is in program files in your c drive

its a hidden folder so make sure you set to see hidden folders in folder options

Ok brother v thanks i got is v thanks brother

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Now how can i set my local database connection. i mean database file in my user account.

Data Source=Localhost; User Id=; Password=; Database=SambaPOS5;

this connection string not working

Before I used the button, I had a load of SambaSettings.txt files each saying for which tills they were for…



itll more than likely be Data Source=pcname\SQLEXPRESS

V thanks brother its working

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Brother I need that waiters can’t void any order. is there any way to do this???

you should open a new topic or search…

Automation > Automation Commands > search for ‘Void’ > Mappings

Change the user roles that you want to be able to use it only

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