Change department before take order

i have 3 departmant my restaurant eat in - pickup and delivery , how can change departman before take order

i have the same question in fact how to change department WHILE i take an order. Is there any tutorial?


I’ll throw out a guess here…

Usually, Departments are linked to different Ticket Types, so when you start taking Orders, the Ticket is set to the configured Ticket Type for that Department.

If you don’t select a Department before you start taking Orders, you cannot natively change Department in the middle of a Ticket.

However, there is an Action called Set Active Ticket Type, where you can change the Ticket Type on-the-fly, though I don’t think you can have 2 different Departments or Ticket Types within the same Ticket - I could be wrong here though - there may be a way to do this.

I’m not certain that changing the Ticket Type is going to change the Department at the same time… someone with more experience with multiple Departments and Ticket Types will need to chime in here… @Jesse?

Then I looked at the Automation Command called Add Ticket, which by default is used in the Rule Create Ticket Rule, and it fires the Create Ticket Action, and I thought perhaps you can have 2 Ticket Types within the same “Ticket”; looking at it further though, I don’t think this is currently possible.

You can test below package based on two departments, delivery (take away) and restaurant (Eat in)

Below is how the Tickets are configured for two departments.

Hi @forbesgyro @Powerstorm

I had this issue cuz i have eat in, pick up and delivery system. Please follow JohnS steps.

now i set up one department with 3 different type of ticket to track sales in report. (Change ticket type)

Hope this will help

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I can assist with this if you can share more of what your looking to do. Share more of your flow of operation. When you have an open ticket you can not switch departments. You can do some clever things with close ticket, Add Ticket, Create Ticket, Clone ticket… etc. I Just need to know more of what your trying to do and why so I can recommend the right thing.

Please Please when you have something your trying to do… please pretty please explain more of your setup and your work flow process. We can assist you with more accurate answers if you give us more information to work with. We can not read your minds nor can we know exactly what you want with just what departments you have…

The reason I am saying this is because we may be able to show you methods that you thought had to be done with only departments that might work better for your business. But we can only do this if we know what your trying to accomplish and why.

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