Change Due message box

i want to be able to press the fast cash button eg $5, ticket is paid, ticket is automatically closed then the change due message box to appear so that when I press OK to confirm change has been given out the POS then automatically logs out.
where do i start ?

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This is how i am setup ill post screenshots when i can

i use states to determine what receipt prints i have have different templates for cash, card, bar tab, parked sales, refunds, staff discount, customer discount etc so all receipts print depending on the ticket state. Ive set ALL my receipts to print depending on state so this example shows this so you can replicate it

you will need the following:

  1. Action - update ticket state
  2. Action - Pay Ticket as Cash
  3. Action - Ask Question
  4. Action - Print Receipt
  5. Rule - Fast Cash £5
  6. Rule - Warning message ticket total greater than fast cash amount
  7. Rule - Payment Processed Cash
  8. Rule - Execute Autoprint Receipt Cash

Change message and logout

  1. Action - Show change message and logout
  2. Action - Logout user
  3. Rule - Show change message and log out (payment processed rule)

Screen Shots - Actions

  1. Update Ticket State

  2. Pay Ticket as Cash Generic

  3. Ask Question Generic

  4. Print Receipt

Screenshots Rules
5. Fast Cash £5

  1. Warning message that ticket total is greater than fast cash £5

  2. Payment Processed Cash

  3. Execute Autoprint Receipt Cash (you wont need the constraints of not equals staff discount and not equals customer discount unless you setup as i have so ignore them you only need the first constraint relating to equals cash)

Change message and log out

  1. Action - Show change message
  2. Action - logout user
  3. Rule - Show change message and log out

this is the flow in the pos

  1. Add item to ticket

  2. Press fast cash £5 button (i have confirmation set in case it is accidently pressed)

  3. Change message displayed

  4. press ok and you are logged out

  5. on ticket close receipt prints and drawer opens (as i have my system set to open drawer whenever a receipt prints, i have two copies of the receipt for card sales, a store copy and a staff copy so i need the drawer to open to put the store copy into the till)

If you try to use the fast cash button eg £5 when the ticket total is greater than £5 you will get this error message

pressing OK takes you back to the pos screen to tender payment again

hope this helps, it is quite complicated as it uses states for printing but works really well, I had a lot of help from @Jesse with this so he needs to be acknowledged for his work!


Hi again @RickH
Is there a way to set the fast payment (5,10,20) buttons to only be enabled if they are useable?
ie rather than setting constraint on the action or error (ask question) popup that simply the buttin is grayed out once the total is more than the amount?

You can do the same thing but putting the constraint on the button press instead of the action response. I cant answer for him but the reason I put mine on the action response is so my employees know why the button is not working and do not think its just broken.

thats a fair point. like your thinking

Thats exactly what i was going to say :slight_smile:

is there a way to have the ask question message popups timeout after say 10 seconds?

Unfortunately no. It would also need to supply a default value on timeout.

Supplying a default value is possible with the special [?prompt notation], but it does not have Timeout functionality either.

I have setup ask question message for open price product,
want to have message say please enter value in numberpad if the numpad is empty.
will also apply this to remove order action below so a 0 price item is not added.

expect it should be allong the lines of ‘{NUMBERPAD}’=’’