Change entity screen tab colour on event

We are using a variant of the reservation system on SambaPOS and would like to change the colour of the entity tab at the top of the screen when a new reservation is received. The same thing came up on the V4 forun in 2014, but as far as I can see it was never resolved. At the moment the default settings are that the tab is white and turns blue when hovered over and grey when selected, which indicates it could be changed. Does anybody know how a change of colour could be achieved?

Manage > Settings > States > Change the color of Entity reservation state.

Thanks for the reply. As I understand it that will allow me to change the colour of the actual entity (table) not the tab at the top of the screen that says Reservations. It is this tab I want to change to say red when a new reservation arrives (I have integrated this with a booking form on the website so it could update at any time. I want it visible to staff by changing colour. At the moment we use a message box but they tend to either miss this or ignore it)

Pretty sure this cannot be achieved.
Maybe look at the shell subtitle module, might help do something to help.

I think you may be right, which is a shame as it’s potentially quite a useful facility.

We already use the subtitle for last order details which the staff say they find quite useful, but I willl have a look at putting something in the ticket header subtitle message, however,I doubt that will be as effective as changing the tab colour to bright red!

Show message/ask question on login if new online orders?

what about broadcast message and a popup?

Does broadcast message receive while a ticket is open?

Hmm, I don’t know. Let me test.

Well, it was working:

and now it’s not

I dunno :angry:

Cron/tasks don’t i know that for sure.

Caller ID popup won’t show when you’re on a ticket, so possibly same for broadcast message. Once you close the ticket, it then pops up.