Change "GIFT" text in tickets

…is there any way to do that, and also to change the price in the “Gift” line?


[UPDATE] Never Mind!!! I found it, it was simple and plain text in the the ticket tempalte!!!

still looking a way to show it in the ticket on screen!!!


If you want to change the button text on POS screen:
Manage-> Automation -> Automation Commands -> double click on Gift -> change “Button Header” text

also if you want to change how it appears on order lines be careful while changing “gift” order state value. If you change that state you need to change it on all rules and actions that uses it. Otherwise you may break work flow. Better try it on a test pc and if it works fine implement it for production.

@mayase, thanks!! that changes thet changes the button header, i would like to change the ticket line text!and item price


Mine says **FREE**!

-- Format for gifted orders
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