Change in local currency

We accept payments in Euros however change will be given in or local currency CHF.

Can I:

  • Display the change amount in Swiss Francs?
  • Get the correct amount of Euros/Swiss Francs on the respective accounts?

Example (assuming the exchange rate is 1.25):

  • A customer consumes goods for CHF 10, wich is 8€ in Euros.
  • He pays using a 20€ bill (25CHF).
  • the change is 12€, however we will give him 15CHF

This works fine, but:

  • On the account for Euros I end up with 8 Euros, however in the cash drawer we have a 20€ Bill
  • On the for CHF account I’m missing 15CHF since this amount has been given out.

Any ideas?

You can configure Change Payment Templates to be able to select in which currency you’ll process change amount.

Any example of doing this?