Change mapping for Cash and Card when SambaCard swiped

Is there a way I can get my Cash and Card buttons inactive when a sambacard is swiped?

I just know staff will automatically press cash and lose the transaction and the money…


On the payment screen or fast cash buttons?

payment screen. I don’t have fast cash during the day as I have young staff who I don’t trust with maths :slight_smile:

There is still 5/10/20/50 fast cash buttons :stuck_out_tongue:

Think youll struggle on a mapping to disable.
Maybe a payment processor to constrain it actually being used.

I had a similar question, where I didnt know how to handle it. Matt add a constraint to your fast cash buttons which looks like

I don’t use those, I tried but they didn’t work out well for my needs :stuck_out_tongue:

Ill have a look at the payment processor though… not sure how yet but let me check first

I forgot to link you the constraint I use

{ENTITY DATA:SambaCard:Customer Name}

I still havent worked out a way to remove it perhaps @emre could add in an entity state to mapping automation commands, though I guess there would be an easier way.

You can’t do anything with the payment type buttons. We would need Emre to add a feature for that.

You can map visibility of automation commands buttons using ticket or order states.

If the only payment option is SambaCard don’t allow user to navigate to Payment Screen at all.


how would I implement that if a sambacard was swiped?

Create a ticket state when a sambacard is swiped? then only allow settle for mapping on that state?

Have a sambacard button to appear where settle would be when a sambacard is swiped?

Don’t want to mess with it yet till that IS whats gotta be done as I’m live :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be one way to handle it and sounds like a good plan.

To get it to replace the settle button rather than show as well you would want a state to map the settle button to aswell as you cant negitivly map.
I do this with account post and room post on my PMS system.
Ticket created sets a PMSPost state of Account and selecting a room updates that state to Room
My account post button and room post button run different rules and scripts so are mapped to those states, room post looks at room entity account field, account post ?prompts for account number.

Yours might be;
PaymentButton=Settle and PaymentButton=SambaCard
Then mapping the buttons to these accordingly with;
PaymentButton=Settle on ticket created
PaymentButton=SambaCard as part of swipe rule/flow
Maybe PaymentButton=Closed on final payment/ticket close to make both buttons hidden once ticket is fully paid if you want to be thorough.

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I was thinnkin along the lines of this, but my main concern was wouldnt all the other rules keep on updating the state, so for each rule which updates ticket state I would have to clone it and add in a constraint if the enttiy was a sambacard right?

Not if you create a specific sambacard state. Do not use status. The default setup updates status.

Im so confused right now, is there any tutorial of an implementation using that? So your saying use an entityt state? but how can I map entity states to automation commands

No I’m saying use a ticket state. You can define a flow when entity is added or removed.

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