Change menu rule

Hi @emre with all change menus in my setup itd be good to have the option when creating a new rule to have the option of “menu changed” so i can build some automation around when my menus change

Could also be useful for others who want to automate things when menu changes. My examlple is i want to be able to change the ticket title header when i change menus. Im currently trying to do it using other options in the rule but its very long winded and needs a lot of rules

I though perhaps the application screen changed rule event might work but as im not actually changing the main screen, just the menu within that screen, it doesnt work so a change menu rule event would be really helpful :grinning:

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Don’t you change menus with Change Menu action?

Yea im changing menus with change menu action, so having a rule with the change menu event will let us create automation when a menu changes :grinning:

Why don’t you change title while switching the menu (just after change menu action) ?

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Thats what ive started doing but i have a few “menus” and i need to change it when i go in and out of the menu. So instead of loads of additional actions in the rules i thought itd be easier to have one rule per menu change, and its easier to manage and setup with changing or adding to other rules

Seems like the same thing to me. Your still adding same number of actions except now you have extra rule when you could do it with one less rule.

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Ill have more, for example my price change, discount manager menus open their own menus but go back the main pos menu, so ill need to add the action to update the ticket title into all three of those menus, whereas with a rule id just have the one rule, so everytime a menu switched back to the main pos menu it updates back to the ticket total and number of items header

I was thinking about how we might use some available mechanism to trigger this. Something like Entity State Updated, where you have a “Generic” Entity that could be used as a monitor for that event.

Then I thought, what about if we had an Event for Program Setting Updated/Changed. That would work too. Or if we had an Action to Execute Trigger then we could use the Trigger Executed Event.

Here is an idea that is not so specific to anything, and I got this from a recent GQL mutation:

Have an Action called Raise Event. As parameters, you have a Name and perhaps a Value, similar to Automation Commands. Then you have an Event for Event Raised for use in Rules.

Or what about using Execute Automation Command action and Event which we already have? That sounds very similar, and I use AMCs like this a lot, so…

Instead of firing the Change Menu action directly, you fire an AMC. Within the Rule for that AMC, you fire the Change Menu action, and perhaps other Actions as they pertain to the specific Menu, constraining the Actions as necessary, based on the Menu chosen.

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Thanks guys ive used order state updated as when the state updates another rule also changes the menu back to my main pos screen at the same time

Seems to work ok for now :grinning:

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