Change Menus on ticket

I am trying to change menus on the ticket. And actually it partially works, but i do not know why some times work, and some times does not.
The thing is that there are 4 restaurants in the same area, and some times they want to sell products form the others.
Restaurants Names: Bokenka, BuenBife, PerroFu & Choperia

Here is what i did.
I create 4 Menus, 4 Departments and 4 Ticket Types. all named: Bokenka, BuenBife, PerroFu & Choperia
I create a Entity Named Menus with the four menus on it. (Bokenka, BuenBife, PerroFu & Choperia)
Then i create a Entity Screen and i show it on the tickets.
I assign departments to waiters and works ok.
All the restaurants works ok now, the problem is only to get the menus from the other.

I create an Action to Change Department,

Then i create a Rule named Cambio Menus (change menus)

I used the Reload Ticket with “Display Ticket” Action to refresh the department (I think here is the mistake, but i do not know how to refresh the ticket screen when i change the department)

And that did the work, but the problem is that some times it change the department (“Menus”) and some times not.

I Create a TicketTag to know the original department, to switch back when close the ticket. (This works ok)

Please Help.

Changing menu is not something supported by v4 and as you have found out there is some trickery that can sometimes work but due to the nature of how it works it will not always work 100% of the time. Version 5 has native support for swapping menu even if inside a ticket without having to change departments or Ticket Types.

Version 5 has the Change Screen Menu action which allows a swap of menus instantly even if you have orders on a ticket already. The best part of this action is it’s a single action and single rule/automation command to make it work.

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How comples is to change to V5? is only a upgrade process? the question is because we are talking of many places.

All related information is here:

I am buying the V5, but how can i do a backup from V4 if i didnot bought the module?

Use SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to do backup.

I Just bought the V5 and I Upgrade it, how can I change menus?

There is a change menu action called ‘Change Screen Menu’. You would use it in a similar manner to how you were trying to do before

Do i need to create a new sambamarket account for each restaurant?, I need to buy some more.

Licences from Samba Market are per database for unlimited terminals.
Multiple sites will have a database per site so a licence would be needed per location.
You can use the same email address but username must be different for each account and in turn licence.

I install and upgrade the DB to V5, everything is ok,
I created a Entity type Named “Menus” with 2 Entities “Breakfast” and “Meal”
I add the Entity Screen
I add Action “Change Screen Menu”

I Create a Rule named “Change Menu” with event “Ticket Entity Changed”

Everything seams to work fine, any other recomendation?

I Post this also to help others to improve the function.

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Am curious why you chose to do it this way?
You could change menu on ticket created based on time?

@amateur_mx your solution works but we may be able to help you fine tune it more for your needs if you can explain the reason why you need to switch menu. I mean can you explain why your business would change menu? Maybe we can suggest alternate ways that might fit your need better than using Entities or perhaps Entities would be what you need but you have not explained that so we can understand it.

I have many restaurants working, but only 2 scenarios:

First: the restaurant offer breakfast all day, and meals. so do not need automatic time settings for breakfast. that was the solution that i did and is working fine, with entity change.

Second (That is not working and need more help), 4 restaurants in the same area, i created 4 diferent departments and menus.
Some times clients are eating on one restaurante and ask for thing of the other.
i try to do the same with Entity change, but seams that i can not change menu that is not in the same department. PLEASE HELP!!!


You could use single department and create automation buttons for each restaurant menu. With v5 reports you can update the reports to separate sales by menu,ticket tag or whatever you want.

i solve it,
i add action to change dept. before menus.