Change Order Quantity


I’m using SambaPOS v3
I want to modify the SambaPOS to change the quantity of item, upon the price changing; In which when i add an item to the ticket then select this item and set the price in the price textbox and hit “change price” button ,
i want the system to do the following
New Quantity = Input Price / item Price

Any help please

Best Regards

You will probably not get much support with changing source code from the forum.

I have to ask though. That sounds like a very strange request. Are your item quantities linked to price? Change price is meant to change price if you want qty then add more of that item.

The Change Price Button in V3 is hard-coded and short of modifying source code, you cannot change its behavior. And as @Jesse mentions: good luck with finding support on modifying source in V3. The newest V5 is right around the corner, and support for V3 is all but gone in this forum.

Having said that, you might be able to create your own Button (Automation Command) to read the Numberpad value and perform the calculation using the Update Order Action. This does not require source-code changes.

Even better, if v3 has either of the following (V4 does for sure), you won’t need to rely on the Numberpad value at all…

  • Ask Question Action
  • [?prompt for input] notation

Unfortunately, I don’t recall whether V3 has either of these features.