Change order tag price only once


I am using the option to “automatically” add order tags once a order is added. What i would like to do is to change the order tag price to Null. This rule should only execute when the order was added, thereafter the “Order Tag” rule can happen as normal, if the user decide to make changes to the order tags.

Is there some kind of constrain I can use for such a rule?

Use this action in your rule to update order tag price.

In the rule you can set the price as ‘0’ and as soon as an order is added, with your auto add order tag action, this action should update that order tag price to ‘0’ while been able to normally still apply tags.



I am not using a rule to auto add order tags. I am using the “Order Tag” under the menu>Edit Product Properties window

If I add this action under “New Order added” event / rule it does nothing. Under the “Order Tagged” Event rules it fires everytime an order tag is added.

Here is what i am trying to achieve:

  1. Add Pizza with a Base price and tag the toppings for the pizza e.g. Regina = R50 with Ham, Mushroom as order tags with Zero price (already part of Pizza price)
  2. If client ask for additional toppings the same “order tags” should add the price of the extra order tags to the order price (like is currently does). but the first order tags added with the Order should remain Zero Price

Or do you have an alternative method i can explore?
At first we reduce the price of the Order (exclude the prices of the first order tags) but then the cost of the “base”, but then the cost works out different for each pizza on menu, and the customer doesn’t want to change their menu prices at this stage.

You can try the following for this scenario if it suits you.

Create 2 Order Tag Groups.
One that you can Map to your pizzas such as “Extras” and all values in this group you can put a price.
One that just shows your Order Tag Values that have “Nil” Value and don’t have it mapped to anything.

Now when you select that item, the Nil Value Order tags will automatically go on it and you can select the others as extras with prices. Like below.

This is only one method of doing this with the method of Order Tags you are using.
I’m not sure how well this would work for you, but I’m simply demonstrating that it’s possible to do what you desire and this is one method of doing it.

Hope this helps.