Change Status color,text size of Order Status Change?

i would like to know how to change the color or text size status of order item under ticket as shown

this is one of the requirement cashier or waitor asking as they cant view the updated status of the item ordered clearly.

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Are your customers using the POS screen?

Those things can not be changed currently. They are there for your reference when taking order or viewing in ticket viewer for reports. They are not really meant for the customers to see that. The interaction customers should have with orders is from printed tickets, or custom screens that read those states and displays orders in specific ways based on those states.

oopps sorry meant cashier and waitor …easy to read

There are methods to use those States and make it clear to your staff what they mean other than just looking at ticket screen. You can develop custom screens for tickets that use those states. If a waiter is wanting to see status of an order you can have a screen made that shows only orders that were marked ready from kitchen staff…

If the staff is having to look at ticket screen to get vital state information then maybe you should rethink how your flow is going. That line is really there as just a quick reference to prevent accidental button press or as a quick reference to ensure your following the right flow with the customers orders. Its not meant to be a method to come back and check the state to see if it was submitted or not we have entity screens to do that.

Anyway hopefully I explained it a little better.

ok i get the idea than any suggestions if we create a new entity that shows only the dishes that have been delivered against each table

as in kitchen module once the whole order gets ready then only it can be removed from the kitchen screen

how can this be achieved


Maybe you can use a Courses system similar to what Johns demonstrated in his Custom database

hmmm i havent gone through yet… will check