"Change Table" Button Gone?

Hi All,

I never used the “Change Table” button before to merge the tickets, but when i about to use it today. I can’t find it in my screen.
I tried a brand new database with the same sambapos version, and the change button tickets is available.
But when i change it to my current database the change button is gone.

There’s “Select Table” and “Select Customer” button on my screen, but these buttons also unavailable to click.
I’ve check the user permission, and i’m using the admin role who is permitted to merge the tickets.

Any ideas what caused this?
I think i must’ve been changing some configuration that removed the change table button. But i can’t find it…

Any help would be very appreciated.


If the buttons are greyed out it sounds like a problem with you ticket type

Go to manage, tickets, ticket types, select your ticket type and ensure the table and customer entities are added for that ticket type