Change table color based on user who opened the table

Is it possible to change the color of a table button in the entity screen based on the current logged in user?

For example, when user John is logged in, I want all the tables opened by John to be green.

If you make Employee Entities… you can assign State Changes with those entities. Lets say Employee Entity John opens a table you can make it change Table State when Employee Entity John is assigned to the ticket that has that table assigned… YOu would need to redesign your Tables state flow however. You would also need to define the colors you want in settings/states. If your not familiar with states… be careful you can mess up the flow of tables completely.

There is a permission “Can Display Other Waiters Tickets”… doesn’t that mean that the waiter is already available on that ticket/table somehow? It’ll need to be if you want to determine whether the current user can open a certain ticket/table.

No that is different. You can align employee entities with users as well. Lets say User John opens Table A it could be configured to auto asign Employee Entity John to the Ticket. This means you can still use the Entity State color changes… and if any other user logs in they will not be able to open those tickets as those were Johns Tickets. They could however see the State color as the ticket is not open on this screen.

There is not a User State… you only have Entity States, Ticket States, and Order States. Entities can be anything you want them to be. Employees, Tables, Cars, Bananna’s

Is there a way to display the waiter name in the Entity?

In v5 yes but not in v4.

Thank you for your quick reply. I’ll wait for the upgrade.