Change Table Color

I would like to change the table color when order is ready from kitchen. Order is sent to kitchen and table turns orange. When the kitchen has order ready clicks on button for Kitchen order ready the table stays orange even though it is removed from kitchen display. Is it possible to change table color when kitchen marks as ready. I just cant figure out how else waiters would know order is ready.

Yes this would be awesome to add! I have read it is possible but cant find a “how to” or tutorial.

The color change is done by altering Entity State.

In Manage > Settings > States, you will find 3 Entity States defined by default:

Available (white)
New Orders (orange)
Bill Requested (red)

So create a new Entity State for “Orders Ready” with:

Name: Orders Ready
State Name: Status
State Type: Entity State
Color: (pick a color)

Then in the Rule that handles the button for “Kitchen Order Ready”, add an Action of the type Update Entity State, and set the State to Orders Ready.

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You sir are a legend, been wanting to do this for a while!