Change Table confirmation PIN

Is possible to have confirmation PIN for “Change Table” button?

If this is not possible, is it possible to track each time someone changes a table.

We need this function because of the following:

We serve brunch on Sunday and most tickets are the same.

2 Brunch $26.00
2 Drinks $5.00

We recently caught a clever server that was collecting money and not cashing tables. Instead he/she moved this ticket to another table and printed the same ticket again. Hence getting paid for two tables and only recording one sale.

We have a floor plan and we always check which tables are occupied.

Thanks for your help and ideas how to solve this problem.

You can use a Ticket Tag with Table # to record changes. It will tag the ticket with Table # each time its changed.

Does logging table changes and printings into ticket solves your problem? You’ll know which user changed table and printed bills.

Additionally we can ask admin pin for second prints or store somewhere how many times a ticket gets printed. I’m trying to avoid admin pin asking for each table change.


Ideally, admin PIN should have Mapping option so we can enable or disable PIN requirement when changing tables based on user role.

If the above is not possible, I will take whatever you think will prevent users from doing this.

As always, thank you in advance for your help

Everyone has their own style of management and not every one way is the right now. My opinion is a task like Changing Tables should not be controlled by an admin pin. Its too much of a normal routine function that does not contain any important function that it should be controlled by admin. The issue is the theft… this can be controlled through reporting and accountability vs a direct lock down of the entire function.

However like I said everyone has their own desires, and styles and no one way is better or worse.


I agree with you that everyone has their own management style and each case is unique. As mentioned in earlier post, Mapping is probably the best option, but if Mapping is not possible I will be happy with anything that helps us track table changes.

I think, in small restaurants changing tables without admin PIN is not a problem since you can easily check if a table is occupied or not.

In our case, we have three dinning rooms and it is nearly impossible to track which tables are occupied.

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