Change Table locked to manager or supervisor

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I m also looking for a solution to this problem we have the same issue and the manager wanted to lock it down to only be used by the restaurant supervisor only is that possible how ?

Honestly, you are out of luck with V4 now no more development. In V5, maybe possible. I was asking to convert this button to Automation Command in the other topic.

@sukasem we are working to upgrade to v5 but I need to know if its possible to do that

Can you explain your specific need? Often I see people reference other posts when their actual need may be similar but in practice it ends up being different and requires completely different solution. Instead of referencing other posts it’s best to explain your need in detail.

Hi I am also looking for same sort of feature because I am facing problem of changing table mistakenly . Many times it happened. If someone wants table change let them confirm if they really want to change table or not. Or need of admin pin before changing table.


Youll need to rebuild that flow using actions and rules. So creste an auto command button called change table, you can now set admin pin or confirmation and map it to ticket

Now create an action to navigate to you table entity screen (cant remember the exact name of the action)

Then create an auto command executed rule, put the action in it and add the button you created to fire it

Do the same to create the other buttons eg select table

Then remove the table entity from your ticket type otherwise youll have the buttons show twice

Create an Action >

Create an Automation Command

Create a rule


The above will make admin pin for creating tables too, so yould have to create 2 of the above and map the buttons so it only shows the change when a ticket already has a table selected and the create when a table hasn’t been selected.


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Can you explain more for me , i can’t find Navigate Module on action Type

Thank you

You need to make a new action for it as not one by default or is that where your struggling to find it?

That is only available with version 5, version 4 does not have Navigate Module action.


Ohh, i used verson 4, Thank you