Change task status, showing html

Sorry, ive edited my question as I’ve changed what I’m doing.

Ive followed Q’s :heartpulse: food and drink screen tutorial. I am wanting to revert the tasks back to uncompleted if they are accidently completed.

I have a screen showing the completed tasks,and i have reverted them back to the orders screen again. Problem I have now is that the html seems to show when its reverted back. Any ideas why this would be?

kind regards


It seems to be repeating the html from the printer template, any way of preventing this?

<color Orange><size 16><font Consolas>[='~~~~~ {GROUP KEY} ~~~~~'.substr(0,40)]</font></size></color>

<color White><bold><size 24><font Consolas>[=('{QUANTITY}'+'  ').substr(0,2)] {PRODUCT NAME}</font></size></bold></color>[='{PORTION}'=='' ? '' : '<font Consolas> <color #FF55FF33><size 14><italic>{PORTION}</italic></size></color></font>']