Change Ticket Between Entity Type

I want to change ticket between 2 entity type
let’s say i have customer ordered meal for take away then he wanted to eat in resturant , i want to change ticket between take away entity to tables entity cause there is service charge in table and not in take away

Not sure what your asking, from ticket you can remove table entity with the X in top right if you go back to tables entity screen after opening ticket and then select whichever takeaway entity you want…
Is hard to offer more info without details of how you use takeaway entities.

i have 2 type of ticket ,1 for tables (dine in) and i add 12% service charge when customers come to eat and 2nd ticket type for takeaway and that don’t take the 12% , only the total .
sometimes customers sit on table and order food then after i order on normal table they say they want to go , at this moment i have void the table and create new one on take away screen cause i can’t switch ticket’s between tables screen and take away screen

Why? Because your entities are mapped to ticket types?
What other configs are based on ticket type?
What about the action for change ticket properties.
It has a ticket type name field…
If your entities are set to the ticket type you might need some additional automation to remove entity type.

Do you have to have two ticket types?

Think there is either lack of info or terminology confusion as before only entities were mentioned and now ticket types.
@a.samy think you should detail you workflow and use of entities and/or ticket types.

yes i have 2 ticket type 1 for tables and 1 for take away and 2 entity type , tables and take away with 2 entity screen .
table entity have 100 table and take away have 20 table , take away entity work only with take away ticket type and table entity work only with ticket ticket type

Change ticket property action gives ticket type field, should be able to use that to change ticket type.
As I said would probably want to automate the removal of takeaway entity before changing ticket type.
that what i want to do but when i try to make something wrong happen , i can’t change between 2 entity + i can’t see photos

Firstly that’s a v5 tutorial I’ve not looked at before.
Either way can’t see anything about ticket type I that tutorial…
As far as I can see its using entity custom fields to show additional info about an entity.
Not sure how thattutorial relates to your question :-S

Even he change ticket type. He can’t open ticket in dine in screen because 1 ticket type allow. You can set active ticket type action but more set up and I never done that :slight_smile:

2 solutions
1 using 1 ticket type and use ticket state or ticket tag to separate take out and dine in
2 keep take out separate from dine in. So, create take out ticket in take out screen.

I got a similar issue but the problem with that solution is that you have to choose beforehands the type of tickets and I will know afterwards (when he pays the bill) what type of ticket the customer wants.

Why don’t you just update ticket type before they pay at the point where you know what it needs to be then? You don’t just have to do it before