Change ticket state Paid

Can i change ticket state marked " Paid " after payment with other language,ex. " Lunas ".
It will distrub system or other rule, action, mapping or report?

Yes it will effect the system. Modifying default states has potential to cause issues.

Would need confirmation but there are language options for samba. Have note had to set myself so not sure what is covered.

Is it a new setup or existing?

Non admin users would never see that state anyway.

For existing system.
i need to filter table tickets at database, for easy filter when electronic tax take or tapping to database sambapos server.
if filter ticket State “Paid” or “unpaid”, electronic tax tapping many duoble ticket.

Why would I duplicate?
Think you need to elaborate on what your doing.

in my city, goverment use tax tapping box to get sales data from database server.
and i give tapping at tickets tables. they take data every 3 hours from this table.
may be like sambaposconnect. but they use filter ticket state != “unpaid” to take daily sales.
the result many same sales ticket, they captured.
so i think change ticket state from “paid” to “Lunas”. for spesific paid sales they captured.

They cant/wont update state on their end.
And why would they use unpaid… seems obvious that would be bad, tickets could be changed etc while still unpaid.
The idea factor you would filter by is the isclosed value as in theory just because a ticket is paid doesnt mean its finished with some takeaway setups holding a paid ticket ‘open’ until collected.
Alternatively you could create a custom state and use that. That in theory could be updated when synced also however updating states directly in sql is not so simple as states are stored in json within one field.
Ideally the API would be used which.
You would then look for closed tickets without you custom state, sync those then update the custom state.

Ok, may be i will try filter isclosed = “1”.
I cannot used API, because they not give access to see sync code at tapping box.

I mean samba api rather than sql