Change Transaction Unit

Need to change “Transaction Unit” but it is not allowed. I can change “Multiplier” but not name.
Thank you for help!

What do you mean? Other than you have circled every field I can’t understand your question.

I mean only red one. “Transaction Unit”.
For example, we received items in boxes, and now receive them in pallets.
So I want to change “box” to “pallet”. So I will see on warehouse “pallet”, but I can not rename it.

You don’t have to rename it. Create an additional unit and use it. That is what additional units are for.

But in the warehouse I will see name from “Transaction Unit” box?

So I take it you have not tried it yet? Please try it first.

If you click the check box on left of the additional unit it will make it default unit in warehouse.

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I tried. It changes default unit only for Purchase operation, as you show. But I need to see other units on Warehouse and on Warehouse report.

You are going to have to be more specific and show examples. You say reports, can you show an example and what you expect to see? Circling empty boxes in a picture of warehouse purchase screen really doesnt help me understand your need for reports.

The warehouse screen will only show base unit which is unit you sell at.

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On the warehouse screen, in “Unit” I see “Transaction unit” name, not “Base unit”.
Why I cannot just change “Transaction unit” name? That`s all i need.

You can change the Transaction Unit name.

But no Units can have the same Name. Base Unit, Transaction Unit, and any Additional Units must all have different Names.

So if you want to change the Transaction Unit to “Bottle”, but your Base Unit Name is already “Bottle”, then you need to change the Base Unit Name FIRST, then SAVE, then change the Transaction Unit Name.

You can also remove the Transaction Unit altogether. Erase the Name and set the Multiplier to 0 and SAVE.

The Warehouses screen will show Inventory in the Base Unit unless the Transaction Unit is defined, in which case it will show the Transaction Unit instead.

Thank you for the answer! :slight_smile:
This is what I need. The only thing [quote=“QMcKay, post:11, topic:14344”]
So if you want to change the Transaction Unit to “Bottle”, but your Base Unit Name is already “Bottle”

I had different names, but it allowed me to rename only when I changed Multiplier to 0.

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