Changing Dishes for Set Meal

Hi all. I have been toying with this pos for the last week and i have to say i love it.

So far i have been able to config it to my needs, however i have stumbled upon a problem which i have not been able to overcome, which is, how would i changed a dish within a SET MEAL menu. For example, main courses in the set meal some customers would like to changed 1 or 2 dishes. I could use order tags but that would mean i’ll have to create order tags for like over a 100 main dishes. Is there an alternative method?

Hope someone can help?

Many thanks in advance.

How are you doing your set meals at the minute?
Single product for Set Menu?

Yes single product i.e SET MEAL A, SET MEAL B, SET MEAL C etc… with order tags showing whats dishes are in each SET MEAL.

Order tags will be your best option.
If you set to max one selecting a second will automatically deselect the one already chosen.
Although thats a lot of tags to display regardless of time to program in

Thanks JTRTech for the quick response.

Another question if you can help. Set meals are fixed i.e Set Meal A - starter, 2 x main, dessert, drink. Instead of manually entering the order tags for each set meal, is there an option to create a single order tag that will include all the items as mentioned.

Was just looking at solution for large qty of tags and you can group/filter using prefix, see this;

You could filter mains in to categories like beef, chicken etc…

You mean as the default set menu?
You can pretag an order in the product properties window in the menu settings…

Im aware of the prefix feature however i didnt know of the filter feature, that will atleast save some screen space.

“You can pretag an order in the product properties window in the menu settings…” hmmm, will give this ago.

Thank you so much!

I use pre-tagging for my pint/half pint buttons.
Add the product to menu twice but set button header to show pint or half and pretag the portion but you can also pretag order tags.
You would need to lookup in regards multiple tags pre selected - prety sure it will be comma seperated but may be wrong their.
You may also need to work carefully if there were any duplicates and how it would work with prefixes.

As for filtering see that link, think that could help allot.