Changing Entity Colors / Ticket Widget List Colors

Hi everyone,

I know this is not a free support forum but I was hoping somebody could point me in the right direction or to a thread that will help, I searched an did not find anything.

I have a kitchen display per the official tutorial on here. I want to show the time an order is waiting & also have it change to yellow after 3 minutes and red after 5. Is this something I can do in v4.x or do I need 5? I see this tutorial:

If it’s only available in 5 please let me know and I will make the move to 5 now.

Also, I have a Waiter screen per the tutorial on here and waiters mark the order as “Served” once they serve it. I want to know if there is a way to change the entity color when that happens.

So my table is entity: T-1 - normally it is orange, but when a waiter marks the order in T - 1 as served I want it to change to green.

Can these be done?


Entity Color can be changed in V4 but Ticket Lister need V5 because it using script to set color.
If you already bought V5, why wait

Sukasem - Is there a tutorial or something so I can do that on V5?

Wait because I was scared my database would not be easy to move to V5…

backup first.

here how to change entity color

Hey i have tried this but it is still a bit unclear as i understand what you are explaining but not how to get to the create new state, as i only have add action, rule, trigger, automation command or script could you contact me and help me with this ? kind regards from Aruba

Create a new State in Manage > Settings > States

Just an update this did work fine for me, if you have specific questions I can help!

Hi Luis

I follow this exact turtorial in v5 but simply can’t get it to work… did you do anything different to the screen shots above ?