Changing table in dinning room

This is a question that, I think, was never asked here.

How can we tell the kitchen that a table has moved from 4 to 21, so all orders that are beeing prepeared do come out with correct number, 21 instead of 4?

This happens quite a lot in my pizza place. We do have almost every table set up for 4 people, 6 max but sometimes they start as a group of 4 and end as a group of 12 and they have tochange table after they already ordered 2 pizzas. In the meanwhile its possible for a different group of people to sit in the table that originally had the other group…

Has anyone solved this???



If you use kitchen screen it updates that on changing tables. If not you would need to print another ticket or send a special instruction. Or create a special ticket with header ##Current Order Table Changed##

Something like that.

Do we have a way to catch CHANGE TABLE ACTION? I imagine that should be CHANGE TICKET ENTITY?

I will try to prepeare something…



No its entity updated. I think. I am on mobile. I mean update entity

Stupid phine

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yes I hate writing on my phone too… I have the smallest samsung with android… it takes an eternity to do any action and the keyboard is too small for my fingers… so I end touching 4 letters and none is the one I wanted to touch…


Seems you are correct sir!!! will try it

I did some testing of this with Swapping Waiters… It works but some odd behavior… If i choose change Waiter and select the new waiter… then press close… this is what it printed on kitchen printer

░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ O R D E R ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░
- {QUANTITY} {NAME}                {PRICE}
{QUANTITY} {NAME}                 **FREE**
- {QUANTITY} {NAME}               **Void**

Here is the rule:

Even more strange… if I do not change Waiter and just close ticket it executes the Print Job. Why is it Updating Entity:Waiter Staff on EVERY ticket close even if I did not change Entities.

I made sure Submitted was one of the Order States in my Print Kitchen Orders action. It still did same behavior.

EDIT: I somewhat got it to work with Entity Selected… however it prints the Ticket with the previous Entity it will not print the new one that was selected.

The correct one should be Ticket Entity Changed.

Entity Updated rule useful to update Entity States. From that rule ticket is not accessible.

Yep I found it. Thanks!