$ char breaks product name displayed at the menu

I have an issue with the product names displayed at the menu when i add $ to the name.
here’s an example:

I rename a producto like this “Basic white shirt $105”
it shows "Basic white shirt $10505

2022-02-09 19_06_26-SambaPOS App_ 5.3.6 09_02_2022 0_00_00 DB_ 172-172 SQ

put a space after the dollar sign - I know it’s not ideal, but escaping it doesn’t work, and specifying unicode doesn’t work either

It’s a special meaning for menu items.

If you want to see the price of item on menu screen, you don’t need type the price into the name of that item.
You can do it by typing $1<br/>$ $2 into the Header Column of that item from Edit Product Properties part.

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Thank you all for your responses, I opted for separate $ from the numbers, I use it this way because there is a small label template 2" x 1.5" which includes the product name, and barcode sin is so small i can add price to it witouth losing size of the barcode.