Character amount in label printer

Can’t get this to go on 1 line.

On the test paper at the moment will be using half width.

Any ideas?


There’s some discussion previously about a similar Brother label printer here, might be of use:

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Just had a gander and it really only discusses the formatting. I can get it to print fine after some trial and error I just can’t seem to get it to print any more than 10 charectors wide…

I’ll keep digging

apologies, I changed printer to windows and problem solved :slight_smile:


Bloody love it.

Why did I never do this before… going to prevent any further confusion :slight_smile:

There is the tag list {tag} which might help, was implimented following a labels topic if i remember right.

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Orly? I’ll take a look

I’ve found this subject but can’t seem to discover the full feature of {tags} on my phone.

Is there something I’m not finding?

It’s in the list on template help…

Sure it’s on a topic titled label template or similar.

Sure it gives a single line comma seperated tag list ideal for label print

Not sure if it’s mentioned in that topic or not, anyway it’s {ORDER TAG LIST:X} and you use it in your {ORDERS} section (not in {ORDER TAGS} section).


Good point, wouldn’t have realised that at first.

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any idea why this only randomly pints?

<L00>{NAME} {NOTE}

its really bizarre. It says template is wrong but it prints one time then not the next?

so i choose Oreo Milkshake, then the size, add marshmallows and cream and put it through as cash and it says template error.

I put it through again, the exact same drink then it prints…

happening all day. any idea?

creating a new post in general as its not samba related