Check if a ticket is a preorder

I tried looking around but couldn’t find anything pertaining to this; I want to check in the constraint whether a ticket is a preorder: something along the lines of ↓↓

Was something like this possible?

Thank you!

Not sure but think most that I’ve seen use preorder do so by using a seperate ticket type in which cast would use that.

'{TICKET DETAILS:T.PreOrder}' == 'True'

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Thanks for the reply!
So pretty much when the ticket is a pre-order, we do a change ticket property and change the ticket type right? So then if a payment was done for that ticket type it wouldn’t be marked as closed.
But if I have 3 different ticket types, I would have to do:
Takeout > Future Takeout
Delivery > Future Delivery
Gloria > Future Gloria
Would that be correct?

cast would use that.

What do you mean by that?

Hmmm, I tried doing that but, I got False for both Preorder and non-Preorder tickets…Did it work for you?

!PreOrder try that in the expression portion.


There are 2 ways to change Ticket Type: Set Active Ticket Type & Change Ticket Properties. I think one of them needs to have a Display Ticket action…I think it was the Set Active Ticket Type.

Are you using a show message to make sure the Ticket Type is changing?