Check Task Complete State in Constraint


I have create one task as Todo list. User can only logout if all the todo task is marked as Complete.
I am not getting how to put this condition, can someone please guide me.


Guessing you need some form of report type expression to check outstanding tasks.
Not something I’m familier with but it would be like
[=TN(’{REPORT UNCOMPLETE TASKS:Task type etc}’] > 0"

Never knew there was such a report…

I have tried [=TN(’{REPORT UNCOMPLETE TASKS:Todo}’] > 0 in report window. and clicked on preview button, it is not showing any data.

@pauln really :stuck_out_tongue: i said something like,
It was a very general question without any type of constraint so was demonstrating the principle :wink:

That was not meant to be a working sugestion…

@Abhishek_Jain - Go into the reports section - there are list of expressions on the right and you can test results in the preview mode.
It was not meant to be a working example just to show you how a constraint would look.

The Report Tag for Tasks is {REPORT TASK DETAILS:X}

Something like this should work:

{REPORT TASK DETAILS:T.Name.Count:T.Completed==False}

You probably want to filter by Task Type too:

{REPORT TASK DETAILS:T.Name.Count:T.Completed==False AND (TST=taskType)}
                 replace this with the Name of your Task Type ^^^^^^^^

So your constraint would be something like:

[=TN('{REPORT TASK DETAILS:T.Name.Count:T.Completed==False AND (TST=taskType)}')] < 1
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This is just perfect, Exactly the same i was looking for.

Thanks @QMcKay for providing help on this.