Checkbox for a product item to exclude it from "discount %" calculation

Yes this is a rounding issue. You should force SambaPOS to round calculated tax amounts to settle correctly. This is a setting because it should be handled differently for Tax Included tickets.

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I don’t understand why the automation command has a constraint that the tendered amount has to be less than 99?

And also why the Update Ticket Discount Rate sets the Discount rate to TENDEREDAMOUNT…

So the % discount is not 100% or greater. I am not completely sure but it makes sense to me that from payment screen an amount entered would be a Tendered Amount. It is tendering it into Discount instead of Payment Type.


I see, that makes sense.
Thanks for making that clear @kendash.

I learned it just now actually from your questions lol. So its kind of neat to know that you can read {TENDEREDAMOUNT} like that from that screen.

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@Jesse {:PAYMENTAMOUNT} should also work.

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Hi, Perhaps someone can point me as to where to look in this routine to correct my problem.
Today I used this routine to discount a sale which had a void item on it. The calculation discounted the void item so the final total became incorrect.
Item 1 5.00
Item 2 4.00 Voided
Total to pay 5.00
50% Discount 4.50
Balance to Pay 0.50
The calculation includes the voided item in the calculation.
Thank you in anticipation of your help.


I am new to Sambapos and this forum but I was looking for a similar solution to prevent certain cashiers from offering discounts or finding a way in the reporting to show who has given discounts and on what items

Is there any way to do this?

Check this out
Selective Discount:

Track User: