Clear a certain field for all entities

Was just a thought on an alternative method of counting multiple tickets in a day as only one visit.
If you find a simpler way to count ticket states you can set a custom state to the first ticket of a visit maybe.
It’s not tried or tested method just an idea.

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Well its an idea worth trying.

Ill give it a shit now

A shit LOL… Still looking for that tooth ;-p

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oops, typo :smile:

Tooth gone! Currently awaiting new one, along with 2 others that was broke in the process. Should all be done by Wednesday.

Back to this, I cant work out how to do this:

{REPORT ENTITY STATE COUNT:} I see its ELSN but how do I add it as the entity state ive set up? Todays Visit:First


Is it STATE COUNT or STATE DETAILS I need? cant work it out

Changed it all to ticket state as originally suggested (doh)

however its still not showing up as expected?

>Total Visits:{REPORT TICKET COUNT:(ELSN=First)}

Aren’t you doing ticket state?

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Yeah… is that wrong :see_no_evil:

I Dont know but you said this earlier…

Wouldnt it be something like {REPORT TICKET COUNT:(TS.StateName=First)}

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You are amazeballzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

Thanks for this really came in handy today

Thanks, guys this really helped.