Clear Database Transactions

Hey @emre

Just had a colleague point out that the Work Period ID is not reset. Could you please include this as a update, small but useful as you can see on the “lounge” thread ID = 41. All Work Periods are deleted so probably appropriate?


@pauln You can add that yourself ill show how

Go to your Documents/SambaPOS5/Database Tasks/ folder and edit the [CBL]Clear Database Transactions file. Add this line to the end of it.



Thanks kendash - it too late for this database as we are LIVE: Day 2. It would be great if @emre could incude the line above by Default as it should go hand in hand with “Clearing Transactions”.

That file is the default one. If you edit it then you effectively made it default yourself. The task screen reads those files its not hardcoded.

I get what your saying thpugh.